Sunday, 19 January 2014

Bad Food Bake Off - Poke Cake

It's no secret that I have a serious Pinterest habit, I love it. I pin all sort of things, and one thing I pin are recipes. Nothing annoys me more than seeing a really lovely looking finished article then discovering the main ingredient is a packet mix. Much to my delight my fellow Pinterest addict Tattooed Mummy feels the same way.

However when the aforementioned Tattooed one started sending me pin after pin of revolting recipes I knew desperate action was required. We had to make one.

I chose "poke cake" as it just appealed to my over developed sense of kitsch. I also (don't judge me) had the "fixings" (I daren't call them ingredients) in the house. I had to ammend the recipe as it called for cheesecake pudding mix and all I had knocking about was vanilla pudding mix. As a compromise I made a cream cheese frosting. I shan't replicate the recipe as you can find it here

So here are the ingredients, nice and simple. I happened to have the Red Velvet cake mix in the cupboard. Don't ask me why I just did ok? The pudding mix was a Christmas gift from my mother in law who lives in Germany.
Mixing the cake with some electric help. Not even my 4 year old would go near poke cake.
The batter happily sitting in its little dish.
When it comes out of the oven you poke holes in it and let it cool a little.
Meanwhile you make the custard.
Pour it on top of the poke cake and let it sit in fridge to firm up
Then top it with frosting. Now I was good and made my own from scratch. What you should really do is use Cool Whip or other frozen cream frosting which sadly is unobtainabe easily in the UK.

There the finished article!

Verdict: Do not be tempted to make this. I am the sweet tooth queen and I couldn't eat it. My husband, perversely, did like it, and my 4 year old wouldn't touch it.

Nothing beats home made cake, but poke cake isn't even the work of the devil, it's worse than that.

It's the work of multnationals who try to convince us that cake making is hard, that we need help. It isn't and we don't.

The Tattooed One has a linky. Find a recipe, make it, blog it and link it!


  1. Absolutely crying with laughter. And hunger.

  2. Even as a self confessed sweet-toothaholic I have to confess that this looks revolting

  3. It looks um interesting. I won't be adding it to my recipe file though :D

    Well Done on making it rofl xxx

  4. Amazing! Love it. I bet my kids would eat that though... :)

  5. No I can't say this is something that looks tempting. Reminds me once about 15 yrs ago we went to an all-inclusive hotel in Caribbean. The puddings all looked similar to this. Couldn't eat them. Stuck to fruit.

  6. You are truly a domestic goddess, I think you have found your calling as a bad baker, it's the gloopyness of the whole thing that is so gross though in the final pic it does look almost yummy - I have blogged the bacon cupcakes now too - go see the full glory/horror on my blog!